Serita Hult © Mary K. Thomas

Moving to Ocala in the early 80’s Mary was interested in becoming a farm manager, but ended up starting a staffing agency for farms, now called Equistaff. She quickly saw a need for all levels of equine staff and began utilizing her connections in the industry to match employers with job seekers, creating the first equine exclusive staffing company in the United States. Equistaff began on a shoestring budget and is now the premier equine staffing agency serving thousands of members all over the world.

With her business thriving, Mary was out of the barn for many years- until now. Team Equisaff is a string of Thoroughbred racehorses owned completely or partially in syndicate with other owners by Mary and Equistaff, Inc. Equistaff will remain part of the thriving equestrian industry and growing commerce.